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I was a writer at heart. My job turned me into a "technical writer" (an instructional designer to be more precise) and the writer was buried under myriad of LCMSs, authoring tools, storyboards, templates, checklists, reviews, and deadlines...until one day when the bourgeoisie feeling became so intense and overpowered the techy gal that she felt compelled to bend rules and give way to freedom of thought and speech...The writer once again emerged from beneath the layers of instructional design principles, taxonomies, models and theories. Alive, fervent, and smitten to express the thoughts, emotions, and words that had been ruled over for so long! - Samta

I write for the same reason I breathe, because if I didn't, I would die. - Isaac Asimov

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I started this site in 2003 out of boredom and probably to do something meaningful. The spirit was soon lost with increasing work pressure and responsibilities. Couple of years down, occupied with new motherhood, I almost forgot about the site. It remained unattended and untouched.

Half a decade from site's conception and a pint and a half older, wiser, and rounder, I woke from my hibernation one fine day. While I was casually browsing the site, I was both petrified and amused. Duh! What was I thinking? I realized it needed a facelift and some serious effort. It needed Botox!

The site was thus re-incarnated. The purpose stays the same. I still want to share with you my articles, stories, and poems. And while I polish my rusted mind and build on my existing database, why don't you sit back to enjoy the stories, poems, and quotes I have collected on my way? If you like what you see, just shoot me an e-mail or add a comment to the guest book. If you don't, your honest feedback, suggestions, and critique will still count!

- Samta

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