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I plunged into the e-learning industry as an instructional designer way back in 1995. That was the time when computer-based training was still blooming and was literally in its cradling and diapering days; the web-based training was not yet conceived!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, instructional designing and technical writing involve specialized skills. A technical article needs creativity, innovation, great organizational skills, and most importantly - an understanding of the subject. However, it is not necessary that technical writing is always dull. Aided by aptly designed graphics, suitably used words, and appropriately constructed sentences, any technical article becomes more informative, interesting, and easy to understand.

Still very much in the industry, I have worked and evolved in varied profiles ranging from an instructional designer and technical writer to a media developer, graphic visualizer, QA, editor, trainer, client reviewer, SME, vendor manager... basically a "Jill" of all trades; and I'm still learning everyday!

While all aspects (development, graphics, audio) of e-learning are equally important, being a writer, I cannot help but stress on the importance of words. Words have the power to educate, entertain, persuade, and educe a predetermined response from the target audience. As a writer, my aim has always been to write clear, concise, engaging, and well-researched articles that are not only informational but also interesting for the reader. Any well designed article involves writing, editing, proofreading, and re-writing. Contrary to your belief, my non-ID peers and friends, it is hard work and there are no shortcuts!

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