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God is My Friend
December, 2002
I've always been my father's little girl, running back to him whenever I'm confused or disturbed. My fortune ended in October 2002, when he had an accident and went into a comma. My father always used to tell me, "Don't worry. Keep smiling. God is my friend. I'll ask him to end all your troubles." After his accident, I'm still carrying on, seeking that voice that tells me, "Don't worry. I'm there. Everything will be ok."

Waiting for the smiles to come my way,
I braved the storms.
And realized, life is not just a song and a dance
The perfumes of Nina Ricci or Liz Taylor,
The fun and frolics of Las Vegas,
The adventures of Egypt.
It is less of roses and more of thorns.

Life means a lot of things
The excitement of a childís first foot step
The scent of the first drop of rain.
It is commitment, sharing, understanding, and togetherness
Romance, surprises, trust, and respect
Sense of belonging, sensitivity, and forgiveness.

When I fall asleep each night
I would want to look at life as all this and more Ö
A shoulder where I can cry and be comfortable
And fall asleep without any thoughts of uncertainty
And fear of future blocking my vision.

Life, where I can trust someone to be always there for me
Who can nod reassuringly at me, when I waiver and Iím weak.
And tell me,
Like my father usually did Ė
ďDonít worry. God is my friend. Heíll make things right for you.
Sometimes, life plays its crude joke and you have to face rough times
But everything turns out to be right in the end.
Tears or smiles, thick or thin,
You can lean on me
Iíll always be there for you.Ē

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