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August, 2006

A time will come Ö
When Iíll travel the distance youíve put between us.
And Iíll join you wherever you have gone.
You were my pillar, you were my strength
And I could never ever imagine living a life without you.
Rushing back to you before taking each small step
Looking up to you to nod your approval in whatever I did.
I had been dependent on you for so many years
And living a life without you was always unimaginable.
Without you, Iím still treading on
But youíre still there in my thoughts and my dreams
My victory and my defeats
My smiles and my tears.
I do fear where Iím going
And wonder why Iím going
I do fear the futureÖ
But then I know in the end, Iíll join you wherever youíve gone.
And as Iíll lay my head on your shoulders
And as youíll hold my hands once again
I will know that instant
That I would have come home to you.
Up there, I know youíll wait for my homecoming
When once again, weíll be together
To walk through the rough roads, hand in hand.

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