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October, 1995

Certain catastrophes in life
Leave one vulnerable
Mellowed towards life itself
And a fluttering heart
Reckons and recapitulates those moments
Which it once cherished
Kept close to the heart
Hidden away from the world.

The memories whither away
Washed away by winds of time
And again, when the strong wind blows
Followed by a few rain drops
Which wash my face
And melt my heart
Some bitter moments
Some beautiful thoughts
Emerge from nowhere
And share my silence.

We have formed a pact
My pains and me
To be resilient and stay together
Always on the blind streets of life.
The masquerade which I wear
Of bliss and happiness
Trying to fool people
Has weakened over the time
And trying to hold it together
I fight a lost battle.

Whenever I feel marooned
By those who form a part of me
By those who are my blood and flesh
By those who are my body and soul
I try to say my thoughts aloud
But find no words to substitute them
So I torture myself for my helplessness
And aimlessly I wander away
To become a part of the unknown world.

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