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February, 1996

The other day as I sat alone
Brooding over this and that
Suddenly I looked up, and gazed at the sky
The sky full of stars
The sky full of clouds
The sky full of ecstasy
And a little fantasy
Engulfing the umpteenth secrets within itself
Some known and some unknown.

I felt the sky beckon to me
Trying to say something
Fascinated I stood up
And listened intently.
Mesmerized I drew near
And it held my hand
Then, it pointed towards the clouds
And pleadingly looked at me.

Baffled, I searched its face
With my unquestioned silence
Trying to grasp the meaning
But I could find none.
I traced back my steps
And fell down the earth.

Again, I sat there looking up at the unknown
And reflecting my encounter with the sky
And experienced a strange feeling
Which till the time had been unknown to me.

The sky has a permanency
Which the clouds lack
They stay a while, rain, and then go away.

The air between me and the sky
Was heavy with unspoken words
I realized it too had been longing
Longing for the earth.

I felt its pain
And knew it was mine
And, I had to come face to face with to the truth
The truth I had avoided so far …….
I had been taking the life rather lightly.
My heart fought against my practical mind
And for once, practically lost the war.

Like my friend – the cloud
I seek permanency
And look upon the sky with anticipation
That it would provide the same to me.
But, I know like all times
It would never be mine
Sky seeks the earth
And I seek the peace
Trying to read people’s face
At which I fail, time and again.
I seek and loose and can never win
A peace in this world, a moment to truly live and love.

Then, I stood up
Said goodbye to that unknown, unheard voice coming from the sky
And I, a lost soul, went inside.
This time to share my thoughts
With the room, the walls and my bed
Which always support and sustain me
And engulfing me with them
Sink deeper and deeper into the night.

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