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Someday, Sometimes
August, 1995

The futility of life
The sheer helplessness of age seems queer
Unless one comes across and faces
The bitter truth of life.

The pain that dwells
And spreads its wings
Itís not personal
Itís yours as well as mine.

It needs a soul full of courage
And perhaps a heart of steel -
To face and survive
The tragedies of life.

And this I lack
So I turn my back
And close my eyes
And try to visualize
The moments when my caged soul
Will fly past the iron gates.
Someday, one day.

Itís not that I donít desire
Itís not that I donít aspire
I do, sometimes, many times
When I walk through the days
And roam through the nights.

I know the ways
To spend my days
But a certain uncertainty creeps my mind
Which I try to get rid off
And know I canít
Sometimes, many times.

I see the sun
And its rays piercing the clouds.
But I know they canít pierce through the clouds engulfing me
My soul and my mind
Cause we are one.
We have stayed together too long
Merging into one
And we will go away together
Sometimes, someday
Yes, one day.

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