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Staggering Along
July, 1997
After a severe attack of Asthma

Drowning myself in a stream of emotions
Surfing on the waves
The aftermath of that insane struggle
Leaves me wide awake.

I think Iím fighting a lost battle
A battle of odd limpid feelings
And I struggle along in the dark
Torturing myself and scarring my heart.

My beats turn into a murmuring
And then I writhe in pain
I tread along in delirium
And try evade the elusive thoughts in vain.

All my controls give way
When Iím engulfed in dark
And then I run open-handed for a wild-goose chase
To grasp a handful of peace, to apply to my sores.

There ejaculates sultry water from my burning eyes
With tear-smitten face I lie there
And hope Iíd been invisible
At least then I could free myself
Of this storm Iíve been carrying within
And numerous volcanoes Iíve built within me
Seeking a moment to erupt
ĎCause I canít let anyone see Ö behind that facade of smiles I carry on my face.

For me true happiness canít be a reality
Still I stagger along in hopes of sunny days ahead.

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