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Sometimes things happen that make you realize who your true friends are ... the ones you rush to first when you are having trouble. The ones that rush to your rescue no matter how inconvenient it is. The ones on the other end of the phone, or computer, telling you not to worry. Everything makes sense when they explain it. What was once a jumbled mess in your own mind has now been untangled and sorted by those who know you inside and out. They have made it better and have dried those tears...maybe not in person, but in spirit.

Sometimes we come to a point in our lives where we think it can't get any worse. Sometimes it hurts so much, you think nothing can make it better. And then you call on that same friend, or friends, and suddenly, the clouds disappear. Suddenly, you have to smile or laugh because they want, so bad, for you to be happy. They want to make you happy. It doesn't matter when it happens or how long it takes...they will make it better no matter what. And during those times when it seems as if you are walking down that dark road alone, a hand will appear on you shoulder. And as you turn around, you will see that reassuring smile and hear that familiar voice. You will feel that hug you needed so much. Maybe not in person like you wanted, but at least in spirit.

Sometimes things happen without an explanation, and as a result, we are blessed with these angels we call friends. From then on, they are next to us...seeing, listening, experiencing all that we encounter in our own lives.

Sometimes, we are just lucky enough to be chosen as one of these friends, and sometimes we are even luckier to have one. Even though they seem to disappear in person, they are still with us in spirit. Loving us, holding us, needing us ... every step of the way. And this bond lives on ... nothing can break it, nothing can change it. From the moment you fatefully met to the very end, they will never leave you. They will always be there with you ... for you. Maybe not in person, but definitely in spirit.

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