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Making a Choice
Man and woman evolved for the propagation of species ... taking the old legend of Adam and Eve ... they fell in love with each other and lived happily ever after (barring the affair with the snake and the appleomania). The point is that neither Eve nor Adam had any choice but to fall for each other.

We say we do not like a thing when we have a choice. There are SO many people around that we can be choosers. But the fact of choosing is just an act of indecisiveness and insecurity. If you know what you want, why do you have to choose?

The point is if you randomly select a male and a female and abandon them on a deserted island (remember the picture "The Blue Lagoon" and its clones?), after a couple of years the place would have a good household population.

Just like opposite poles attract each other, man and woman attract each other like positive and negative charges and the chemistry between them is termed LOVE. Nowadays, we even celebrate that on the 14th of Feb, though that wasn't originally meant to be.

The reason you say that I do not like a person or I like this in a person is because you have a wide choice of dishes. Imagine yourself with any damn guy locked up in small room for a couple of days. I can see you in love with him after you come out. It just the mental block we have about something that doesn't let us fully appreciate something. Nobody can be perfect, it is those shortcomings and the good qualities that make a person. The combinations of good, bad and ugly vary in individuals and can NEVER be generalized.

If you love somebody, love for the person he/she is and not for the qualities he/she possesses, for somebody else may possess better ones. What do you do then? Stop loving the old one and change to the new? Qualities enhance the individual but doesn't determine fully his existence and behavior. Often external forces play a part in the behavior of individuals that cannot be associated with his/her character. You say "I never knew that he/she can do such a thing".

If we change our way of looking at people, accept a person as he/she is and not judge the qualities, we can surely make it a better society. Think about it.

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