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Missing on Life
A young boy was walking along a road one day when he spotted a copper penny shining in the dust. He picked it up and clutched it with excitement. A penny was his, and it had cost him nothing!

From that day on, wherever he walked, he kept his head down, his eyes closely surveying the ground for more pennies - and perhaps even greater treasure. During his lifetime, he found more money to be sure.

In fact, he collected 302 pennies, 24 nickels, 41 dimes, eight quarters, three half-dollar pieces and one worn-out paper dollar... a total of $12.82. He kept his treasure safe, protecting it as a "free legacy" of wealth. He delighted in the fact that the money had cost him nothing.

Or had it?

In the course of scouting out his treasure, he had missed seeing the full beauty of 35,127 sunsets, the splendor of 327 rainbows, the beauty of white clouds floating overhead in crystal blue skies, bird soaring, squirrels hopping from branch to branch in the trees above the paths on which he walked, the brilliance of autumn leaves fluttering against a backdrop of autumn sunshine.

What he had acquired - all $12.82 - certainly wasn't equal to what he had missed. Of course, unlike the little boy, we are not so preoccupied with gains that are petty as such. We go for bigger things - ambitions, aspirations, dreams that are pursued on end. But have we ever paused in the tedium of life, have we ever taken a rest to enjoy living instead of trying to get a living, of trying to struggle through each and every day?

When was the last time you admired the beauty of the night sky, the bright shimmer of the shining stars? When was the last time you were caressed by the gentle winds, strolling in unison with the rustling leaves? When was the last time you followed the trail of a bird across the vastness of the blue sky until it disappears into the cover of white clouds? Or to trail the flight of an airplane whenever you happen to catch one from the corner of your eye?

In our attempt to live each day with meaning, we ever so often pin our hopes on the future, on what is going to come, that we forgot about the present, of this gift of life, of being here now, breathing this minute, this second. We forget to relax and enjoy life!

Don't ever take Life too seriously, or you may never get out of it 'a - live'. Stop what you are doing now and ask yourself what you are working for? You may be facing certain trials now, be it regarding the never ending pile of work load, relationships, health, finance ... after all, man's troubles are never over, so why not take some time off now to observe your surroundings, to admire the beauty of the work of Mother Nature, of the intricacies of the work of God. For even the birds are provided for, why should you worry excessively? Isn't it enough that you have a place to lay your head down to rest every night ?

Do take an occasional break, keep your heart silent and listen to the music of the cosmos...

Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
And Today?
Today is a gift
that's why we call it "The Present".

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