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I'll be There

And you think no one cares
When the whole world walks out on you
And you think you're alone
I'll be there
When the one you care about the most
Could care less about you
When the one you gave your heart to
Just throws it in your face
I'll be there
When the person you trusted most
Betrays you
When the person you share all your memories with
Canít even remember your birthday
I'll be there
When all you need is a friend
To listen to you whine
When all you need is someone
To catch your tears
Iíll be there
When your heart hurts so bad
You cant even breathe
When you just want to crawl up and die
I'll be there
When you start to cry
After hearing that sad song
When the tears just won't
Stop falling down
I'll be there
So you see I'll be there until the end
This is a promise I know I can make
If you ever need me
Just call on me and...
I'll be there

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