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Beauty is Skin Deep but is it Soul Deep?
February, 2009

I picked up the monthly county newsletter. It was full of advertisements of beauty salons, spas, massage clinics, mail studios, hairdressers, dermatologists, cosmetic and laser surgery clinics, and weight control centers. There are several age defying and anti agent products available in the market today. An increasing number of people are joining exercise programs and gym to stay fit. There is an increasing awareness of the benefits of healthy diet plans and organic foods. The parameters of beauty have certainly changed! People have come to realize that beauty does not encompass a beautiful face alone. It requires the overall package. The growing number of consumers of these specialty products and services proves beyond doubt that beauty is skin deep.

The mushrooming beauty parlors guarantee that a new you will step out their threshold evicting an air of confidence and splendor. Is it enough? If only there were parlors that helped achieve beauty beyond skin, beauty that is soul deep.

True beauty is a reflection of a beautiful soul. It is a product of sincerity, morality, integrity, unselfishness, and stability of character. Have you hurt, wronged, cheated, or betrayed someone? Are you the source of pain and depression for someone? Do you realize that for every tear that you gave other person, they have missed a beat? Did you damage someone's self esteem? Do you constantly lie and can still look into others eyes without any shame? Facial flaws and scars can still be removed through laser surgery but can you remove these scars that have marred your mind and soul?

Have you done any soul searching lately? Look inside and see if you still feel beautiful. If you are not honest and true to yourself or others, your external beauty is worthless no matter what amount of money you spend in the parlors and on beauty products.

I like this poem very much. It talks about the most beautiful woman in the world but it applies equally to men. After all, women or men alike, everyone has a soul. It's just a question of perspective.

Most Beautiful Woman in the World?
She has no special talent
No special beauty mark
No invention with a patent
No voice of a comely lark
No hourglass physique
No sunbeam likened smile
No lingering mystique
No manicured nails to file
But what she had she flaunted
With the style of a fur-lined stole
With the chic of a runway model
She flashed her beautiful soul
They say beauty is skin deep
- Ruwaida Van Doorsen

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