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Don't Ever Fly Away
There had been a lull in life for the past few days. The cloud and the cloudess had always been together but somehow, it seemed that something had been lost while trying to survive through life. After one such tearful day and uneasy night, a new day dawned. After much deliberations, both clouds stepped out for a change. The cloudess, afraid, confused, hesitant, and reluctant at first; tried to match the moods of the cloud. After a slight hesitation, it began its journey with awkward steps. Both flew higher and higher.

Suddenly the cloud stopped.

“Do you want to ride?”


“Yes. Ride four wheels – in different shapes and sizes.” “Yes.”

It was a moment to be cherished. A totally new experience for the cloudess. With a wonder in their eyes and excitement in their souls, both clouds flew away in silence with unspoken words, or were they promises?

It was cloudess’s turn to stop this time. It stopped for a change of appearance. It came out with a new look.

There was an appreciation in the clouds eyes and a wonder in the cloudess’s. Hand-in-hand, they started off when the cloud stopped suddenly amidst the flight of stairs, and said those three small words, which had once been a part of the clouds vocabulary and which had not been used for some days, or was it a decade.?

The cloudess stood still and its heartbeat skipped a beat. Had it head what it had heard? Was it the wind murmuring against the ears? And it wished the time to stop and life to end right there. It had been a long wait, a really long wait. Should it laugh or should it cry? It wasn’t sure. Every night, the cloudess had cried itself to sleep, hoping to hear those words. Today, it knew it would cry with joy. Strange are the ways of life/love.

Suddenly, the cloudess looked around. It had lost the cloud. It panicked and searched in vain. There it was, sailing towards it, smiling broadly. A sigh of relief! And a hope that it never gets lost again. There had been enough rains in life. Now, may there be sunshine that brightens both clouds.

At the end of the journey, the cloudess had just one wish. “Don’t ever fly away.”

“I can’t, even if you ask me to.”

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