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Love is Blind. Is it Deaf too?
February, 2009

How often have you heard people say that love is blind? Is it deaf and dumb as well? I don't think so. Love is neither blind nor deaf or dumb. If it was, we have a serious problem here.

First let's separate love from infatuation. Love cannot be beyond attraction but unlike infatuation, it's not blind. Also, I totally disagree that love happens at first sight. It evolves over time.

It is lust or infatuation that is blind. It makes you week and prevents you from seeing right from wrong. When a person is infatuated or obsessed by someone, they fail to see their flaws.

Obsession makes you think that the guy you love or lust for is the most charming man alive on earth even though people may find him to be a geek out and out. Similarly, an obsessed man may think that the girl he likes or lusts for is an epitome of charm even though she may be a total bitch. Lust has no character or honesty; it stands on the empty barrels of lies.

Love does not ignore these flaws. It knows they exist and is tolerant of them. Love ignores the weaknesses and irritating habits of the partner. It disregards the imperfections over the qualities. It gives you strength of character. It is based on truth and honesty.

Love is not a piece of furniture you can replace. It stays and grows. It is something you can proudly declare to the world and not hide by averting eyes or telling lies.

When love grows, respect, commitment, understanding, and even concern grows. When lust grows, it's just the temptation that cultivates; and maybe self centric idiosyncrasies leading to the dumbness and the deafness and the blindness that people mistakenly attribute to love.

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