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The Cloudless Sky
The sky is cloudless now. The sky which once was proud of bringing the cloud and the cloudess together and letting them fly together on its heart, now bears a deserted look. The cloud is gone - flew away to alien lands. The cloudess waiting for its return, looks at the sky in anticipation - searching and pleading for a glimpse of the cloud, though in its heart it knows that the search is futile - the cloud is hidden beyond sight.

The cloudess is without wings now. It cannot fly, cannot follow the cloud, has lost the race and the hope. With an expressionless face, trying to control its tears, and a steely look in its eyes, it waits. It will wait till eternity, with those unspoken words on its lips, wait and pray and plead!

Afraid to visit all the places which it had once gone with the cloud, dreading the inquiring eyes, fearing familiar faces, wary of questions - it prefers spending time alone, in its den.

Will the cloud return? Is everything lost? Will it become an unending wait? Will the tears one day give way to smiles? Will the cloudess, one day, get its wings back? Will it learn to fly again or remain wingless for life? It has all the questions, but no one to answer them.

Looking at the other pairs of clouds and cloudesses floating away, the cloudess turns to the sky to seek an answer. It doesn't get any reply from the sky either. The cloudess didn't want golden wings, it didn't want a big glass house, it didn't want trendy wheels, it didn't want a flowery path beneath its feet. All it wanted was to be together with the cloud. Now, it is left injured and wingless.

I ask you - O! sky. Was it too much to ask for? Why did you show new paths to the cloudess, when one day, you knew all you had in store for it was a dead end street? Why did you teach the cloudess to fly, when deep in your heart you knew, you will cut its wings one day and leave it hanging midway?

The cloudess is wingless now. It's not easy to forget your first love. Was it too much to ask for?

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