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Time Flies, You Don't!
June, 2008

Today, you turned one! It was only yesterday when... yes all those things… when I got pregnant, when I rushed to the hospital, when you were handed over in my arms… It was the moment of a lifetime!

The time flew by just too fast. The tiny little person we named Zoella started growing up by bounds and leaps - first smile, first teeth, first giggle, first solid food, first sitting on your own, first crawl, first clap, first standing up, first peek-a-boo, first step… became events of the past. Sometimes, I just have a hazy reminiscence of all these achievements.

Your first birthday brings with it mixed emotions. I'm more elated than you are. In fact, you are not even aware of what's happening. But I'm a little apprehensive at the same time. My baby has turned into a toddler. Soon you would want to be released from hold. You would no longer want to sit on lap or be carried around. Your little feet will seek their own avenue. I would time and again face these fears; when you go to school and then to college. Perhaps that's what parents do.

I'm happy at your new found independence - the way you try to walk on your own just holding my one finger and the way you push the chair in the room. You are learning to climb stairs as well.

Time will fly but you please don't. You do have a sky to explore and conquer and I want you to give you the wings to soar higher. But do not fly too high; for you may burn your wings. Do not fly too fast; for you may get lost. Remember you have a nest to return to and I will always be there waiting for you.

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