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Will You Follow Me Once Again?
December, 2003

This incident dates back to 1996. My father had recently got me a new car and I was learning to drive. My father used to get up early to help me practice, and we used to drive to Connaught Place, which was about 10 miles from our house in Delhi. I was always confused with the several roundabouts on the way and it became a ritual for us to come back home arguing at my driving capabilities and my sense of direction.

After some days, when I started feeling slightly confident, I insisted on driving down to my first job alone, which was about 6 miles from my house.

I was nervous and elated at the same time at the prospect of being on the road on my own for the first time. I was about to reach my workplace when I looked in my rear view mirror and spotted my father following me.

I stopped my car on one side of the road and waited for him. He too had realized that I had noticed and slowed down. I was angry and agitated at the fact that he did not trust me with my so called "driving skills". He stopped behind my car and tried to assure me that he was going to some other place that was en route. However, I was furious and drove to my workplace in rage.

Iím not sure if he followed me ever again because I could not trace him in my rear view mirror after that day. But Iím pretty sure that he must have followed that routine, discreetly, for a couple of days until he was sure that I would manage.

Today, when I am tense about doing anything new, I wish I could have him with me and assure me that he is following me to protect me, that I wonít get lost in this world.

Sometimes, you realize the importance of an action when it is too late and you are left with regret at how you looked at a particular situation in the past. Papa, I miss being followed and want you to be around once again to ensure that Iíll be alright on the paths of life.

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