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I had initially added this section to include some of my technical articles. The purpose was to present the jargon and hi-fi concepts in a simple and interesting manner. However, after having worked in the e-learning industry for the long hours, days, weeks, and years that I have, I feel a bit less enthusiastic to include my technical writing here. No offence to the e-learning industry that helped me grow in my field! It's just that sometimes I feel smothered by the rules - "da rules" - the Chicago manual and the Microsoft manual, and the rules that promote small sentences, all active voice, all appropriate punctuation, and the "must haves" in a sentence. (I sometimes like missing periods at end and replacing them with ellipses ... let the readers complete the sentence, and then I sometimes start a sentence with "And" - a privilege that I do not have in technical writing.)

Rules often suppress your desire to explore and experiment with words. I find them binding my thoughts and gagging my words. Sometimes you want to write with the rhythm of your heart, the flutter of the birds, the gush of the waves, the splash of the rain, and the roll of the tears. Rules "rule" but writing without any inhibition and e-learning "compliances" gives you a sense of freedom and I want to devour the taste of this free-style writing as long as I can. With this intention, I decided to do away with the articles on the left. Ta da... Instead, what I plan to do is to share some of my experiences and best practices of the trade and perhaps some articles on new and growing industry trends and their pros and cons. So stay tuned!

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